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Pu’er Traditional Tea Agrosystem

GIAHS since 2012
©FAO/Mary Jane dela Cruz

The Pu'er Tea Agroecosystem is the world's largest area of tea forest plantations established by village ancestors thousands of years ago.

Yunnan province (China) is considered the world's provenance of tea trees. Located at the starting point of the Ancient Tea-Horse Route, it is an important node in tea culture dissemination. This province contains the largest area of wild tea tree communities and ancient tea plantations with a predominant amount of ancient tea trees.

Pu'er Tea Agriculture System is rich in bio- and cultural diversity and is composed of old wild tea tree populations, ancient transitive tea plantations and ancient cultivated tea plantations. Centred on tea culture, the Pu'er Tea Agrosystem holds a complete vertical evolution of ancient magnolia and tea trees as it relies on the traditional methods of Blang, Dai, Hani and other minorities.



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CHINA - Pu'er Tea Traditional Agroecosystem