Sistemas Importantes del Patrimonio Agrícola Mundial (SIPAM)

Barroso Agro-Sylvo-Pastral System, Portugal

GIAHS since 2018

Barroso is a natural landscape composition of Northern Portugal, integrating part of the Peneda Gerês National Park, where the existing agrarian system is strongly influenced by the soil and climate conditions, with a predominance of smallholdings and cattle, sheep and goat pastoral farming in the region’s agricultural economy, as well as pig farming, which contributes significantly to household economies and plays an important social role.

With human occupation for thousands of years, this area of Northern Portugal presents today a pattern of land occupation marked by human activity for agriculture, forestry and grazing, while a number of very significant and relatively intact environmental areas are still found. This is a system which has remained, virtually to the present day, a rural subsistence economy, typical of mountainous regions, with poor utilisation of inputs, very few surpluses and where the level of consumption of the population is relatively low compared to other regions in the country. 


New agricultural heritage sites; farming in harmony with nature

In Barroso in Portugal, an agro-sylvo-pastoral system where trees are cultivated alongside crops was amongst the first European sites to be make the list of Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems.


Annual report 2020- Barroso GIAHS site

The purpose of this document is to assess the status of the activities that were carried out in 2019-2020 within the recognition of the territory of Barroso as a classified Site as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System in April of 2018.


GIAHS and SlowFood

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