GIAHS - 全球重要农业文化遗产

GIAHS exhibition debuts at China Agricultural Trade Fair

Beijing, China, 30 October 2014

With a history of 5,000 years in farming civilization, China is home to diversified agricultural heritage of great economic, ecological and cultural value. Conserving and developing such agricultural treasure will be conducive to increasing agricultural productivity, farmer's income and prosperity of rural community.

The exhibition of Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) in China debuted at the 12th China Agricultural Trade Fair (CATF 2014) held in Qingdao from 25-28 October 2014.

As a unique component of CATF 2014, the GIAHS exhibition demonstrated the achievements of the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) implementating the GIAHS programme, showcasing the wisdom, charm and philosophy of traditional farming in China, and increasing brand recognition and appreciation in the marketplace for GIAHS agri-products.

Covering an area of 400 square meters, GIAHS in China exhibited three zones: display, marketing, and trade talks. 

At the display zone, beautiful landscapes, traditional farming culture, high-quality products and the concept of sustainable development embodied through diversifications, including exhibits of model systems such as the Rice-Fish System in Zhejiang and Jasmine and Tea Culture System of Fuzhou City, folk music performance and pictures.

At the marketing zone, more than 40 agri-products of 24 enterprises/cooperatives from 11 GIAHS sites were presented, including jasmine tea from Fuzhou City, millet from Aohan Banner, Chinese date from Jiaxian County, grape from Xuanhua County, and Torreya from Shaoxing.These GIAHS products were well received by visitors.

The exhibition is sponsored by MOA Department of International Cooperation, and organized by the Center of International Cooperation Service. It won the Organization Award and Silver Medal for Design at CATF 2014.

GIAHS initiative was launched by UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in 2002. At present, a total of 31 sites of 13 countries have been inscribed on GIAHS List. China has 11 GIAHS sites on the List, ranking top in the world.GIAHS in China are as below: Qingtian Rice-Fish Culture, Hani Rice Terraces,Dong's Rice-Fish-Duck System, Wannian Traditional Rice Culture, Pu’er Traditional Tea Agrosystem, Kuaijishan Ancient Chinese Torreya, Aohan Dryland Farming System, Xuanhua Traditional Vineyard System, Fuzhou Jasmine and Tea Culture System, Xinghua Duotian Agrosystem and Jiaxian Traditional Chinese Date Gardens. 

Source: Center of International Cooperation Service (CICOS), Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), China (