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Workshop on apricots fall in the oasis of Gafsa

Gafsa, Tunisia, 3 July 2015

Regional Commissary for Agricultural Development of Gafsa (CRDA Gafsa) and the Association for the Safeguard of the Medina of Gafsa (ASM Gafsa) held workshop on the phenomenon apricots falling in the oases of Gafsa on 12th June 2015, at the headquarters of CRDA Gafsa, as part of the project "Integrated fight against the Mediterranean fruit fly in the oases of Gafsa" supported by the FAO in Tunisia.

After the opening remarks of Mr Lazhar Cherif, President of ASM Gafsa and Mr Mohamed GHRISSI, Commissioner of Agricultural Development of Gafsa, Professor Brahim Chermiti, expert in entomology and environment presented the results achieved by the monitoring of the phenomenon of massive apricots fall in the oases of Gafsa.

Representatives of the Regional Commissary for Agricultural Development of Gafsa, the Regional Center in Research in Agriculture Oasienne Degache-Tozeur, the Groupement Interprofessionnel des Fruits, PFUR, representatives of NGOs, GDA and farmers oasis of Gafsa participated in the workshop.