Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS)

GIAHS International Forum and Award ceremony for new GIAHS sites

12 February 2018

GIAHS International Forum and Award ceremony for new GIAHS sites

We are pleased to announce our upcoming GIAHS International Forum on the 19th April 2018.

 The first session of the event will be dedicated to share the country experiences and lessons learned obtained through GIAHS designation and implementation of action plans for dynamic conservation by the minister-class participants from Chile, Italy, Japan Morocco, People’s Republic of China, and Tanzania.

During the second session, the award ceremony will be held where the Director General of FAO will give the official certificate to all newly designated GIAHS sites since 2016. The representatives from newly designated GIAHS sites are also expected to make a presentation on their sites. High level class participants may also attend this session including vice-minister of agriculture Spain.

The last and third session of the day will be dedicated to the review of GIAHS activities and prospects, including several presentations by FAO staff (agroecology, biodiversity, marketing, etc.), members of the GIAHS Scientific Advisory Group, officers of relevant international organizations, including the UNESCO World Heritage Center.

GIAHS Products and Information Exhibition, where typical agriculture and food products from GIAHS sites attending this Forum are exhibited in the Atrium will take place as a side event from the noontime of April 19 to April 2018: When other side events are to be held, their information will be announced.

The agenda of the event will be uploaded very soon