Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS)

Make your contribution and join the GIAHS 20th anniversary celebration! 

09 June 2022

To celebrate the achievements of the past 20 years, we would like to invite all stakeholders and countries working in designated and potential GIAHS to contribute to the 20th Anniversary Celebration. 


Guidelines for submissions of digital material:  

The objective of this call is to: 

a) Showcase successful activities of GIAHS in the past 20 years; 

b) Provide first-hand testimonials and voices from the ground; 

c)  Highlight the importance of traditional knowledge and agricultural practices to protect the environment and to promote sustainable rural development; 

d) Highlight ongoing activities in designated GIAHS and in potential GIAHS; 

e) Promote the exchange of experiences, best practices and stories between farming communities and GIAHS-related stakeholders at the global level; 

f) Enhance visibility of ongoing field activities related to Agricultural Heritage. 


Who can submit? 

a) Farming communities, associations and local organizations operating in the GIAHS/potential GIAHS area; 

b) Representatives from research institutions and academia that are actively working in an agricultural heritage area; 

c) Local, regional and national governments; 


Whatvisual and digital material can be submitted? 

1.      Pictures 


  1. Farmers, Food, agricultural products, etc. vividly showing food and livelihood security. 

  1. Cultivated plants, Animals, displaying flourishing Agrobiodiversity. 

  1. Agricultural practices and techniques highlightinglocal andtraditional knowledge and interaction with the surrounding environment. 

  1. Festivals, social organizations, activities,. underlining cultures, value systems and social organizations. 

  1. Pictures of unique landscapes and seascapes features. 

Requirements and format: 

  • High resolution pictures (at least 5 MB = 7932 X 5288 pixels)  

2.      Videos (can be submitted in any language, preferably with subtitles in one of the UN official languages) 

Content ideas and suggestions: 

  1. What is the biggest change to rural development and farmers’ livelihoods in GIAHS sites after the designation? 

  1. How do people contribute to dynamic conservation of the area? 

  1. What is your expectation of the future of GIAHS? 

  1. Introduce your favorite animal, fruit, traditional dish or plant. 

  1. Unique landscapes and seascapesand resource management 

  1. Youth involvement and why it matters for the future of agricultural heritage systems 

Requirements and format: 

  • Video length: Short videos (at least 30 seconds) and longer videos (max. 10 minutes) 

  • High-resolution videos or social media snippets (Instagram reels or Tik Toks) 


  • Vertical format (Tik Tok videos and Instagram reels) 

  • Horizontal for YouTube and GIAHS website 

3.      Stories of GIAHS 

Content (can be submitted in any language, preferably in one of the UN official languages):  

  1. Culture and history related to traditional agriculture in GIAHS sites. 

  1. People who contribute to the development and dynamic conservation of GIAHS. 

  1. A traditional agricultural practice in the GIAHS/potential GIAHS sites. 

  1. Your personal emotional connection with GIAHS sites. 

  1. The role of youth, women and local farmers in GIAHS. 

Requirements and format: 

  • Should take the form of an article or blog (not longer than 2 pages) 

  • Attach min. one image to the article with copyright credentials 

4.      Recipes in GIAHS sites 


  1. Submit a traditional recipe made from traditional agricultural products, cultivated in GIAHS 

Requirements and format: 

  • Concise and clearly written 

  • easy steps to follow 

  • submit either photos or a video of the recipe  

Deadline: 20 July 2022 

Please submit the digital material to: [email protected]