Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS)

A unique insight into agricultural heritage from around the world - Video stories

24 October 2022

In view of the 20th anniversary celebrations of the Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) Programme, the GIAHS Secretariat had launched a Global Call to provide designated and proposed GIAHS countries the opportunity to submit digital material and share unique insights from the field and of their work with the international community. 

The purpose of this Global Call was to provide GIAHS countries the opportunity to a) raise awaresness for the importance of safeguarding GIAHS and b) provide a closer insight and more visibility for the work of communities, residing in GIAHS.

The response was huge: Several countries submitted high-resolution photos, recipes and video material.

And what better way to show unique field impressions from GIAHS than taking the viewer on a video journey?!

A) Designated GIAHS:

1.) Traditional Agricultural System in the Southern Espinhaço Range, Minas Gerais, Brazil

The GIAHS Traditional Agricultrual System in Southern Espinhaço Range, Minas Gerais, Brazil submitted the video "Tempo da Roça, Tempo da Campina." The video is a documentary that approaches the two cycles that express the culture of the flower pickers that inhabit the Espinhaço Mountain Range, in Minas Gerais, in the Diamantina region. The collection of everlasting flowers constitutes a tradition and a fundamental source of income for the socio-cultural reproduction of families in rural communities.

Watch the full video in portuguese with English subtitles: (734) Tempo da roça, tempo da campina - Legendado - Inglês - YouTube

Morever, Brazil submitted the trailer "Tempo de Flor", directed by Tiago Carvalho.

Watch the trailerTEMPO DA FLOR - trailer on Vimeo


2.) Takachihogo-Shiibayama Mountainous Agriculture and Forestry System, Japan

The GIAHS Takachihogo-Shiibayama Mountainous Agriculture and Forestry System in Japan submitted a documentary about the people engaging in agriculture in Takachiho, Miyazaki Prefecture of Japan. It focuses on not only the rejoice of life in Takachiho, but some issues to be solved as well.

Watch the full documentary: (734) "The Seeds We Sow" Documentary movie of Takachiho, Miyazaki Pref. of Japan - YouTube 


Noto's Satoyama and Satoumi, Japan

The GIAHS Noto´s Satoyama and Satoumi in Japan submitted a film series that unfolds the importance of traditional knowledge and intergenerational approaches applied on the Noto peninsula.

Watch all episodes: (734) Digest — Passing Down Traditional Knowledge (Noto's Satoyama & Satoumi) - YouTube


3.) Ar Horqin Grassland Nomadic System in Inner Mongolia, China

The GIAHS Ar Horquin Grassland Nomadic System in Inner Mongolia has submitted an introductory video to showcase the viewer the histrocial development of the Ar Horquin nomadic communities, the prominent features of that area and how it became a GIAHS.

Watch the full video in Chinese with EN subtitles: (734) Introduction of Ar Horqin Grassland Nomadic System in Inner Mongolia EN - YouTube 


4.) Aohan Dryland Farmin System, China

The GIAHS Aogan Dryland Farming System in China submitted three short movies that showcase the life of commuities residing in the agricultural system, their agriculttural products and efforts to safeguard this area. 

Watch the different short movies in Chinese:


B) GIAHS under identification


The proposed GIAHS site "Canton of Dota" in Costa Rica, which is currently under identification, submitted a video about the local coffee productaion and its meaning for the local community. 

Watch the full video in ES:(736) Cosecha 2021- 2022 - YouTube