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ICOMOS Workshop on Connecting Practice Project in France

11 February 2019


Last week, the GIAHS team participated to ICOMOS Workshop for the third phase of the Connecting Practice Project in France.

The Connecting Practice project aims to explore, learn about, and create new methods of recognition and support for the interconnected character of the natural, cultural and social value of highly significant land and seascapes and affiliated biocultural practices. The project is a joint initiative between IUCN and ICOMOS, providing the opportunity for influencing a shift in conceptual and practical arrangements for the consideration of culture and nature within the implementation of the World Heritage Convention.

In this context, two GIAHS sites have been selected to conduct field visits and lead in depth analysis of their global importance values and attributes. Gathering experts in Heritage from all over the world, including staff from our team, this workshop is part of the 14 collaboration points agreed last year between UNESCO and FAO.

For more information regarding the Connecting Practice Project please consult the links:

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