Системы сельскохозяйственного наследия мирового значения (ГИАХС)

Technologies and Practices for Small Agricultural Producers (TECA) - An example of the Shexian dryland stone terraced system

29 August 2022

The FAO GIAHS Secretariat is pleased to announce the release of agricultural practice of  Shexian dryland stone terraced system, China on the FAO Platform TECA - Technologies and Practices for Small Agricultural Producers.

Learn more about Shexian dryland stone terraced system which is a rain-fed agricultural system in the mountains, developed by the local ancestors through adapting to and transforming the harsh natural environment and inherited from generation to generation. Shexian Dryland Stone Terraced System provides multiple benefits such as soil erosion reduction, microclimate improvement and habitats conservation. The presence of stone-ridge terraces guarantees soil and water maintenance providing abundant agricultural products and protecting the germplasm resources. This system could be considered as a model for the use of soil and water resource in mountainous area as well as for sustainable and ecological agriculture in drylands.

GIAHS and TECA joined forces to disseminate practical information on proven agricultural practices and facilitate knowledge exchange among family farmers for sustainable and inclusive rural transformation to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Find the detailed practice here