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Año: 2017
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This document provides an overview of the report “The future of food and agriculture - Trends and challenges”.    
Año: 2015
Tipo de recurso: Publicaciones
This report presents estimates of the additional investments required to achieve the objective of zero hunger worldwide by 2030, through the elimination of extreme poverty. To this end, a twin-track approach involving social protection transfers...
Año: 2015
Tipo de recurso: Presentaciones
Presentación de Jomo Kwame Sundaram, Subdirector General del Departamento de Desarrollo Económico y Social de la FAO, en el evento paralelo “Poner fin al hambre rural” al 41.º período de sesiones del Comité de Seguridad...
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Año: 2014
Tipo de recurso: Videos
This interview with Lorenzo G. Bellù, FAO Economist, recorded by the first channel of the public Italian Television (RAI 1) in preparation of EXPO 2015 in Milan (Italy), addresses the issue of how to feed...
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Año: 2004
Tipo de recurso: Material técnico
After analysing trends in food consumption, overweight and obesity, this paper provides possible remedies to stop and reverse the obesity epidemic in high-income countries, and to prevent similar developments in low- and middle-income ones. The...
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