Global Soil Partnership

The Global Soil Partnership (GSP) is a globally recognized mechanism established in 2012 with the mission to position soils in the Global Agenda and to promote sustainable soil management. The Partnership, hosted by FAO, works hard to improve soil governance to guarantee productive soils towards food security, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and sustainable development for all.  #GlobalSoilPartnership #SoilHealth

Action areas


A decade of speaking up for soil health!


Looking back on 10 years of achievements of the GSP


Sustainable Soil Management in Action

Action framework 2030

Addressing global challenges by improving soil health

GSP Governance

GSP Plenary AssemblyRegional Soil PartnershipsGSP SecretariatIntergovernmental Technical Panel on Soil - ITPSGSP Partners

Technical networks

INSOP: International Network of Soil PollutionNETSOB: International Network of Soil BiodiversityINSII: International Network of Soil Information InstitutionsINSAS: International Network of Salt-affected SoilsINFA: International Network on Fertilizer AnalysisINBS: International Network of Black SoilsGLOSOLAN: Global Soil Laboratory Network

In action

Soils: where food begins

World Soil Day 2022

Soils: where food begins


Soil legislation search engine


Soil Doctors

Farmer-to-farmer programme

Black soils mapping

Global black soils distribution

Map released on 23 May 2022 at the tenth GSP Plenary Assembly

Capacity development

SOC sequestration potential and soil salinity trainings



Recarbonization of global soils: from farmers to the market

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