Global Soil Partnership


Ghent University

The Precision SCoRing group  within the Department of Environment, at Ghent University, Belgium has about 20-years experience in spectroscopy, mainly vis-NIR, MIR, XRF and gamma ray spectroscopy for soil analysis. 

Contact(s): Abdul Mouazen

Laboratory Capacity

The Precision SCoRing group are using the most advanced linear and no-linear tools for modelling and analysis of soil spectra. Their main focus is field spectroscopy for implementation of precision agriculture and for environmental and natural resources management. Lab spectroscopy is also part of their field. The group's experience in vis-NIR spectroscopy and chemometric tools (including machine learning tools) enabled the development of one of three internationally patented on-line measurement systems of soil properties.

With a laboratory established for sensor technologies equipped with the most advanced field and laboratory sensors, two multi-sensor platforms and a robotic platform to measure soil and crop characteristics and to implement variable rate technologies. The groups vision is to develop new sensing configurations for new field applications and transfer new sensing technologies from broader engineering sectors into agriculture. The group has spectral data of about 500 soil samples collected from Belgium.

Areas of Interest

The group is interested in collaborations as joint projects, joint publications, supervising postgraduate students and host visiting scientists.


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