Global Soil Partnership


Geotechnologies in Soil Science (GeoCiS) Research Group, Department of Soil Science, “Luiz de Queiroz” College of Agriculture, University of São Paulo

Contact(s): Jose Alexandre Melo Dematte

Laboratory Capacity

GeoCiS is a research group coordinated by Professor José A. M. Demattê, from the Department of Soil Science at ESALQ/USP, Brazil. The group aims to perform research in the areas of Soil Science using geotechnologies such as proximal and remote sensors, machine learning and cloud computing for understanding the soil interactions, soil mapping and land use planning.

Other areas of interest are fertility, chemistry, mapping, erosion, conservation, mineralogy, physics, biology, carbon and soil monitoring. The group also created the first Brazilian Soil Spectral Library with an online platform for spectra visualization and soil attributes predictions. The group also hosts the first training course called Brazilian Program of Soil Analysis via Spectroscopy, Probase.

Areas of Interest

GeoCiS presents a multi and inter-disciplinary environment, working together with professionals from different areas and institutions. The group regularly receives researchers and students from all over the world in their laboratory to carry out research, as well as to build new international working links to enable joint projects. The group has several members from all over the world in their recent research group called Global Soil Satellite Sensing.


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