Global Soil Partnership


College of Environmental and Resource Sciences, Zhejiang University

Contact(s): Zhou Shi

Laboratory Capacity

The group has about 20 years’ experience in proximal soil sensing, including vis-NIR, MIR, XRF, LIBS and EM and aim to measure soil information (e.g., SOC, soil nutrients, EC, heavy metals) in a fast, labor- and cost-effective manner using spectroscopic techniques to support precision agriculture and soil survey.

Integrating proximal soil sensing and remote sensing, the group is also interested in digital mapping of soil information, and coupling of machine learning and geostatistical models across scales. They built the first Chinese National Soil Spectral Library in 2014 and contributed to the Global Soil Spectral Library built in 2016. The group continues to complete this national spectral library which now has more than 8500 soil samples that cover most provinces of China. We also have produced the first Chinese national soil property maps (e.g., SOC, pH) in 90 m resolution. The group has also published many high-quality peer-reviewed articles and keep a tight collaboration with world-leading universities and research centers.

Areas of Interest

The  group is open to collaboration in the field of proximal soil sensing and digital soil mapping in forms of hosting visiting researchers/students, joint projects/publications, etc.


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