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The Hyperspectral remote sensing application group at the GFZ German Research Center for Geosciences, Remote Sensing an Geoinformatics section

The Hyperspectral remote sensing application group have over 20 years experience in multi-platform and multiscale soil spectroscopy from the laboratory, field, to air- and space-borne platforms. The group is jointly affiliated to the Digital Soil Mapping group at the Leibniz University Hannover, Institute of Soil Science

Contact(s): Sabine Chabrillat

Laboratory Capacity

The group supports advances in optical and thermal remote sensing for the definition of new hyperspectral spaceborne sensors and for the development of optical methodologies toward soil characterization and mapping indoor in the lab or outdoor/from afar.

Furthermore, they focus on the development of standards and protocols for soil spectroscopy in the Vis-NIR (0.4-2.5 µm) and MIR (Long-wave IR). The group is co-lead of the IEEE-SA P4005 Working group on Standards and protocols for soil spectroscopy, and a member of the Global Soil Laboratory Network GLOSOLAN of the FAO. We operate the GFZ spectroscopy laboratory .

Available instrumentation includes two Perkin-Elmer laboratory spectroradiometers on VNIR, MIR (Lambda 950 and Spextrum GX FTIR), various VisNIR-SWIR-LWIR field/laboratory spectroradiometers (e.g. ASD FieldSpec, Spectral evolution PSR+, Agilent 4300 Handheld FTIR), and hyperspectral cameras covering from the VisNIR to LWIR (HySpex VNIR-SWIR, Telops HyperCam LW). We have over >1000 spectral data collected from diverse sites with international collaborators (Germany, Spain, Greece, Tchecz Republic, Namibia, RSA, Australia, Israel)

Areas of Interest

The Group provides advisory services and capacity development to a number of labs globally, including on spectroscopy lab setup, lab workflows, instrumentations, spectral data analysis and management.


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