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Soil Plant Spectral Diagnostics Laboratory, Word Agroforestry (CIFOR - ICRAF)

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Mr. Elvis Weullow

The ICRAF Soil-Plant Spectral Diagnostics Laboratory is a lead global lab that offers reliable, cost-efficient and rapid analysis of soil, plants and agricultural inputs such as manure and fertilizers using dry spectral methods. It is the key reference laboratory for over 20 regional spectroscopy labs, globally. It is also a key partner in the GLOSOLAN global spectral library initiative with the FAO.

ICRAF started using VNIR in 1999, using a field spectrometer, and demonstrated the ability of VNIR and NIR to analyze a wide range of properties of Africa soils and subsequently global soils and plant properties. The lab moved over to Fourier-transform spectroscopy technology, with a view to supporting an Africa dry spectroscopy network, which has assured quality control, low service requirements, and ability for direct calibration transfer among instruments. 

The ICRAF Soil Lab provides cutting edge services using visible, near infrared (NIR) and mid-infrared (MIR) spectroscopy. The use of these spectral methods has advanced landscape-scale assessments of soil and ecosystem health, which continue to play a key role in global monitoring of agriculture interventions and restoration efforts.

What analytical instruments does ICRAF use?

What analytical instruments does ICRAF use?

The analytical instruments we use include: 

  • Bruker Fourier Transformation Near-Infrared Multi-Purpose Analyzer (FT-NIR MPA), 
  • Bruker Fourier Transformation Mid-Infrared Tensor 27 with high throughput (HTs XT) screening device (FT-MIR Tensor27/HTs XT)

The lab also runs a portable X-ray fluorescence Bruker Tracer V-i spectrometer for determination and quantification of total elements in soils, plants and fertilizers.

Using its cutting-edge instrumentation, the lab provides highest quality analytics is in the process of developing and refining several software tools have been developed for processing of spectral data and calibration.

What services do ICRAF provide?

What services do ICRAF provide?

The new innovative growth areas that ICRAF Soil Lab can provide includes:


  • High quality analysis of soil, plants, and agricultural inputs and products;
  • Big data analytics of soil and land health indicators at the landscape scale;
  • Providing quality control services for the global network of spectral labs and sensors;
  • Software development for managing and using spectral data;
  • Development of low-cost sensors;
  • Capacity development on the inclusion of spectral methods and analysis into government and non-governmental laboratories, globally.

Visit ICRAF resources webpage to see our latest videos and capacity development brochures.

Can I send soil samples to ICRAF? How to do it?

Can I send soil samples to ICRAF? How to do it?

Sample submission to the ICRAF Soil-Plant Spectral Diagnostics Laboratory is done by abiding with the indicated protocols and filling the form online or by sending it to the laboratory management.



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