Global Soil Partnership

International Black Soil Monitoring Network (IBSMN)

The objectives of the sub-network IBSMN are:

  • to carry out an assessment of existing black soil data, including a gap analysis in the light of the INBS data requirements; 
  • to develop methods to fill data gaps as needed, and to develop data extracts suitable for INBS products;
  • to exchange data for building the following INBS and GSP global data products: global black soil map, and SoilSTAT; preferably, data should not be physically exported but shared using web-based technology;
  • to use standards-based web data formats (WMS, WFS, WCS); this would require that the locally stored black soil data, or extracts of those, are pre-processed (harmonized), and transformed using a protocol for the web-based exchange of digital soil data; 
  • to apply the highest level of harmonization possible and necessary, in order to allow for the integration of these data sets into the global product scheme; 
  • to provide documentation about the national or local data sets via meta data and additional information needed to assess the source, methodology and accuracy of the data shared.

Interactive Partner Map of IBSMN