Global Soil Partnership

National soil information system in Togo

Project SymbolTCP/TOG/3602

Support for digital soil mapping and the establishment of a national soil information system in Togo

Togo has five agro-ecological zones, all of which face problems of soil degradation and declining fertility. The absence of updated maps on the state of soil fertility and the weakness of the Togolese national soil information system do not currently allow for optimal planning of soil use for sustainable agricultural development. The aim of the project was to support an evaluation of Togo's soils, the establishment of digital soil suitability and fertility maps, and the implementation of an efficient management and monitoring system using geographic information system (GIS) tools and associated software. The digital soil suitability and fertility maps produced by the project will make it possible to introduce "reasoned fertilization" techniques in Togo, based on increased knowledge of soils and their mineral requirements, so as to ensure the supply of the necessary nutrients while preserving the balance of ecosystems.


Actual EOD: January 2017

Actual NTE: January 2019

Total Budget: USD 281, 000