Global Soil Partnership

Presentations at the Fifth Pacific Soil Partnership Meeting - April 2022

12 - 13 April 2022 | Online 


Welcome and Opening Remarks

Approval of the agenda and group picture

Item 1. Introduction to GSP and communication activities - Ms Isabelle Verbeke, GSP Secretariat, FAO

Item 2. GSP developments of regional interest - Ms Lucrezia Caon, GSP Secretariat, FAO

Item 3. National updates on soil 

  • Australia, Ms Sarah Burr
  • Cook Island, Mr William Wigmore
  • Fiji, Mr Ami Sharma
  • Micronesia, Mr Elias Trisden
  • Nauru, Ms Marissa Derime Cook
  • New Zealand, Mr Pete Wilson on behalf of Ms Jessica Anderson
  • Niue, Mr Poi Okesene
  • Samoa, Mr Anesone Vaai on behalf of Mr David Hunter
  • Solomon Islands, Mr Jules Damutalau
  • Tongo, Vuni Minoneti
  • Tuvalu, Fakafetai Lasi

Item 4. GSP Pillars updates and way forward

  • Pillar 1.
    • RECSOIL: Recarbonization of global agricultural soils - Ms Carolina Cardoso Lisboa, GSP Secretariat, FAO
  • Pillar 2.
  • Pillar 3:
    • Regional database on Research and Development
  • Pillar 4.
  • Pillar 5.

Item 5. Collaboration with the Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture - Ms Siosiua Halavatau, PSP vice-Chair

Item 6. Status of the World’s Soil Resources report 2025 - Ms Lucrezia Caon, GSP Secretariat, FAO on behalf of Megan Balks, ITPS, Editorial Board