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5th webinar on soil spectroscopy: Characterization of soil properties using French national Vis-NIR and MIR spectral libraries

Time: Thursday, 14 October 2021 | 14:00 CET

Speaker: Cecile Gomez

Abstract: This webinar presents the national soil collection provided by the French national soil quality monitoring network (RMQS), including i) physico-chemical analysis of 2178 soil samples representing all main soil types encountered over the sampled 552 000 km2 of the French metropolitan territory, ii) associated Vis-NIR reflectance spectra, and iii) MIR absorbance spectra. Based on this national database, several researches have been realized for the last 10 years to highlight the potentials and issues of such national spectral databases. This webinar presents those researches (scale change between calibration and test datasets, model calibration strategies, comparison between MIR and Vis-NIR spectra...).

Biography: Dr Cécile Gomez is involved in research dealing with Vis-NIR-SWIR (400 – 2500 nm) lab, field and remote sensing imagery for soil sciences studies. She has now around 12 year experience in lab and field soil spectroscopy, and in imaging spectroscopy (airborne and satellite supports) for extraction of physico-chemical soil properties. She is currently P.I. and Co‐P.I. in national research projects and contributes to the definition of the French hyperspectral satellite (HYSP). She is a French Research Scientist at IRD (French Research Institute for Substainable Development) since 2007. She is currently associated with the Indo-French Cell for Water Sciences at IISc Bangalore (India).

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14 Oct 2021