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6th webinar on soil spectroscopy: Measuring reflectance of undisturbed soil surface in the field under laboratory quality. A protocol to assess soil properties that are sensitive to the soil sealing phenomenon

Time: Thursday, 28 October 2021 | 15:00 CET

Speaker: Eyal Ben-Dor


Abstract: This presentation talks of a new developed device for measuring surface reflectance in the field in order to fill the gap between laboratory and field spectral measurements of the soil surface

Biography: Prof. Eyal Ben-Dor is Head of the Remote Sensing Laboratory at Tel Aviv University (RSL-TAU), the leading group in Israel for imaging spectroscopy (IS), soil spectroscopy and remote sensing applications dedicated to soil mapping and environmental monitoring. RSL people are expert in field and airborne campaigns at national and international levels and have gained significant experience by bringing to completion many different projects.

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28 Oct 2021