Partenariat mondial sur les sols

1st webinar on soil spectroscopy: An introduction to soil spectroscopy

Time: Monday, 6 September 2021 | 15:00 CET

Speaker: Bo Stenberg


Abstract: This presentation reviews the basic mechanisms for soil visible–near infrared (vis–NIR) spectroscopy. It also provides an overview on applications related to precision agriculture and the use of large regional soil spectral libraries for estimating small scale variations.

Biography: Bo Stenberg is an associate professor in soil science from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. He is the research leader at 'Precision Agriculture and Pedometrics', Department of Soil and Environment. His research interests focus on digital soil mapping and variable rate fertilizer application in precision agriculture system, farm soil mapping, proximal soil sensing, diffuse near infrared spectroscopy for soil analysis, three dimensional soil mapping.

06 Sep 2021