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For Small Research Projects under the Eurasian Soil Partnership


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The Global Soil Partnership, the Eurasian Soil Partnership (EASP) Secretariat, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the Eurasian Center for Food Security, is pleased to announce a call for short term, small, targeted research projects focusing on soil salinity. Applications will be accepted from 28th April to 31st May 2016.


ITPS members, GSP Executive Secretariat, representatives of the different partners and members to FAO will meet from 23 to 25 May for the 4th Plenary Assembly.


From the Abuja Declaration on Fertilizers to a sustainable soil management framework for food and nutrition security in Africa by 2030


Release of the Policy booklet at the FAO Regional Conference for Africa (ARC) for the Side Event on Fertilizers


Want to find out in a glance why a full year was dedicated to raise public awareness on soils ?


For ease of downloading, the full report has been divided into sections and individual sections.