Global Soil Partnership

TECA contest | Videos on Farmer's Soil Practices

Watch some of the winning videos.


In the context of the International Year of Soil 2015, FAO called the farmers and people working with them to contribute to the Farmers' Soil Practices video. This contest aimed to offer farmers the opportunity to share the local agricultural technologies and practices they have developed in order to improve soil health and that have shown positive and sustainable results through a video, and share these practice with people around the world.

A selection of the winning videos :

Nicaragua | Una Amiga de la Naturaleza, Eduardo Rafael Martínez Bendaña

Chile | Rehabilitacion de suelos degradados mediante curvas de nivel, Felipe Andres Aburto & Huzziel Salazar Villar

Indonesia | Local Microorganism, Nofalia Nurfitriani

Burkina Faso | Un peu de feuilles mortes pour redonner vie à la terre, Inoussa Maiga

Bolivia | Agroforestia dinamica y carbono activado, Helga Gruberg.

France | Les micro-fermes urbaines, Luca Piccin

Kenya | Vetiver Strong Grass for better Soils, Simon Onyango

Sri Lanka | Practice for soil improvement in Sri Lanka, Changpyo Lee

Kenya | Use of lime to address soil acidity, James Karuga

France | Ampayaj, un technique agro-ecologique de paillage des cultures d'igname, Jean-Marc Blazy

Mozambique | The Practice of Agriculture of Conservation in the handling of soil in the midst of farmers, Gilberto Joao hung Son

Cuba | Plantar by Duanis Aponte

Kenya | Sustainable Soil Management, Anne-Marie Steyn

Italy | Is there enough soil for feeding a planet of cities, Valerio Palma