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Candelilla wax (902)

Functional Classes
  • Carrier
  • Emulsifier
  • Glazing agent
  • Thickener

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GSFA Provisions for Candelilla wax
Number Food Category Max Level Notes
Food Category Hierarchy 14.1.4 Water-based flavoured drinks, including "sport," "energy," or "electrolyte" drinks and particulated drinks 200 mg/kg
Food Category Hierarchy 15.0 Ready-to-eat savouries GMP
Food Category Hierarchy 13.6 Food supplements GMP
Food Category Hierarchy 07.2 Fine bakery wares (sweet, salty, savoury) and mixes GMP
Food Category Hierarchy 05.2 Confectionery including hard and soft candy, nougats, etc. other than food categories 05.1, 05.3 and 05.4 GMP
Food Category Hierarchy 05.1.5 Imitation chocolate, chocolate substitute products GMP
Food Category Hierarchy 05.1.4 Cocoa and chocolate products GMP
Food Category Hierarchy 14.1.5 Coffee, coffee substitutes, tea, herbal infusions, and other hot cereal and grain beverages, excluding cocoa GMP
Food Category Hierarchy Surface-treated fresh vegetables (including mushrooms and fungi, roots and tubers, pulses and legumes, and aloe vera), seaweeds, and nuts and seeds GMP
Food Category Hierarchy 05.3 Chewing gum GMP
Food Category Hierarchy 05.4 Decorations (e.g. for fine bakery wares), toppings (non-fruit) and sweet sauces GMP
Food Category Hierarchy Surface-treated fresh fruit GMP

Note: Unless otherwise specified, food additive provisions apply to the food category indicated (e.g. Dairy), as well as to all subcategories of that category (e.g. Cheese, Ripened Cheese, etc.).

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