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Amaranth (123)

  • CI (1975) No. 16185
  • CI Food Red 9
  • Naphtol Rot S.
Functional Classes
  • Colour

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GSFA Provisions for Amaranth
Number Food Category Max Level Notes
Food Category Hierarchy 05.3 Chewing gum 100 mg/kg
Food Category Hierarchy 05.4 Decorations (e.g. for fine bakery wares), toppings (non-fruit) and sweet sauces 100 mg/kg
Food Category Hierarchy 01.1.4 Flavoured fluid milk drinks 50 mg/kg
Food Category Hierarchy 09.4 Fully preserved, including canned or fermented fish and fish products, including mollusks, crustaceans, and echinoderms 30 mg/kg
Food Category Hierarchy 06.4.3 Pre-cooked pastas and noodles and like products 100 mg/kg

Note: Unless otherwise specified, food additive provisions apply to the food category indicated (e.g. Dairy), as well as to all subcategories of that category (e.g. Cheese, Ripened Cheese, etc.).

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