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Surface-treated fresh vegetables (including mushrooms and fungi, roots and tubers, pulses and legumes, and aloe vera), seaweeds, and nuts and seeds (

The surfaces of certain fresh vegetables are coated with glazes or waxes or are treated with other food additives that act as protective coatings and/or help to preserve the freshness and quality of the vegetable. Examples include: avocados, cucumbers, green peppers and pistachio nuts.

This page provides information on the food additive provisions that are acceptable for use in foods conforming to the food category.

This food category is listed in the Annex to Table 3. Unless specifically indicated below, food additive provisions implied by Table 3 do not automatically apply to this category.

GSFA Provisions for Food Category
INS No. Food Additive or Group Max Level Notes Defined In
901 Beeswax GMP
902 Candelilla wax GMP
120 Carmines 500 mg/kg
903 Carnauba wax 400 mg/kg
445(iii) Glycerol ester of wood rosin 110 mg/kg
243 Lauric arginate ethyl ester 200 mg/kg
905c(i) Microcrystalline wax 50 mg/kg
471 Mono- and di-glycerides of fatty acids GMP
PHOSPHATES 1,760 mg/kg
470(i) Salts of myristic, palmitic and stearic acids with ammonia, calcium, potassium and sodium GMP
904 Shellac, bleached GMP
110 Sunset yellow FCF 300 mg/kg

Items in uppercase (e.g. PHOSPHATES) refer to food additive groups.

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