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Fresh meat, poultry, and game (08.1)

Fresh products are usually free of additives. However, in certain circumstances, additives are necessary. For example, colours are used for certification stamps on the surfaces of fresh cuts of meat, and are indicated in the FCS with a notation for “stamping, marking or branding the product.” Additionally, coatings, such as glazes and spice rubs, may be applied to meat products prior to marketing to the consumer (e.g. glazed ham, and barbecued chicken). In the FCS, this is indicated with a notation for “use as a glaze or coating (surface treatment).” It should be noted that the coatings marketed per se are included in food categories (fruit-based glazes, e.g., for ham) and 12.2 (spice rubs).

This page provides information on the food additive provisions that are acceptable for use in foods conforming to the food category.

This food category is listed in the Annex to Table 3. Unless specifically indicated below, food additive provisions implied by Table 3 do not automatically apply to this category.

GSFA Provisions for Food Category 08.1
INS No. Food Additive or Group Max Level Notes Defined In
133 Brilliant blue FCF 100 mg/kg 08.0
150c Caramel III - ammonia caramel GMP 08.0
150d Caramel IV - sulfite ammonia caramel GMP 08.0
627 Disodium 5'-guanylate GMP 08.1
631 Disodium 5'-inosinate GMP 08.1
143 Fast green FCF 100 mg/kg 08.1
624 Monoammonium L-glutamate GMP 08.1
621 Monosodium L-glutamate GMP 08.1
110 Sunset yellow FCF 300 mg/kg 08.1

Items in uppercase (e.g. PHOSPHATES) refer to food additive groups.

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