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Peeled or cut fresh fruit (

Fresh fruit that is cut or peeled and presented to the consumer, e.g. in a fruit salad. Includes fresh shredded or flaked coconut.

This page provides information on the food additive provisions that are acceptable for use in foods conforming to the food category.

This food category is listed in the Annex to Table 3. Unless specifically indicated below, food additive provisions implied by Table 3 do not automatically apply to this category.

GSFA Provisions for Food Category
INS No. Food Additive or Group Max Level Notes Defined In
302 Calcium ascorbate GMP
290 Carbon dioxide GMP
941 Nitrogen GMP
942 Nitrous oxide GMP
301 Sodium ascorbate GMP

Items in uppercase (e.g. PHOSPHATES) refer to food additive groups.

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