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Food Additive Group Details


The provisions that follow are defined at the additive group level, and thus apply to the total content of the additives participating in this group. Additives that make up this group are provided for reference only.

Participating Additive(s)

INS No. Additive Name
GSFA Provisions for NITRITES
Number Food Category Max Level Notes
Food Category Hierarchy 08.3 Processed comminuted meat, poultry, and game products 80 mg/kg
Food Category Hierarchy 08.2.2 Heat-treated processed meat, poultry, and game products in whole pieces or cuts 80 mg/kg

Note: Unless otherwise specified, food additive provisions apply to the food category indicated (e.g. Dairy), as well as to all subcategories of that category (e.g. Cheese, Ripened Cheese, etc.).

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