Hand-In-Hand Geospatial Platform

    Hand-In-Hand Geospatial Platform
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    Ready to start using the HiH Geospatial Platform?

    Welcome to section that will provide all the steps and documentation to start using the Hand-In-Hand Geospatial Platform. The platform has been developed to serve geospatial data experts and non-technical users to platform to produce data maps or create compelling impact stories. From remote-sensed geospatial data to statistical time series, the data visualization tool enables the analysis of public and private agricultural-related data at global, regional, national and subnational levels.

    Create your own custom interactive data maps by overlaying several geospatial and statistical datasets to analyze trends from global to sub national level. There are several features, such as view data over time or select the slider to split and compare. With that, you can identify real-time gaps or opportunities to create your own impact stories on food and agriculture.   

    This will allow you to make sound, scientific evidence-based decisions on how to better invest in countries and to create your own data-driven story maps to use in all areas of your work.