Action Against Desertification

Information sharing

Action Against Desertification supports knowledge exchange and awareness raising about the causes of desertification and land degradation and measures to combat them.

Outreach has helped change the perception of the Great Green Wall, moving away from the idea of a wall of trees holding back the desert in favour of the image of a mosaic of interventions aimed at making degraded land productive again.

BBC video showcasing Action Against Desertification's work in Senegal reached over 2 million views on YouTube.

it is estimated that between 2014-2018 around 8 million people have been informed on issues related to land degradation through outreach activities, engaging traditional as well as the new media.

Knowledge products, such as the Global guidelines for the restoration of degraded forest and landscapes in drylands, provide practitioners with a wealth of information on sustainable land management.

Communication for development is an important tool to foster understanding of local communities and institutions for Action Against Desertification's activities.