Action Against Desertification

Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) are essential to track progress and measure the impact of land restoration activities on the ground.

Action Against Desertification has developed an innovative monitoring system using remote sensing imagery to observe all land under restoration in the areas where it operates systematically and continuously.

While M&E has helped Action Against Desertification assess its activities, the collected data are also used for decision-making, corrective action, continuous improvement of the programme and as a guide for similar projects.

At the same time, the data have produced groundbreaking insights into the world's drylands and the Great Green Wall.

Methods and tools

Objectively verifiable indicators: all M&E work uses objectively verifiable indicators obtained through relevant sources of verification and compared to baseline information.

Collect Earth: free, open source and user-friendly tool to understand the dynamics of the landscape.

Household surveys: based on statistically representative samples, applying gender sensitive questionnaires adapted to the local context, following the Sustainable Livelihoods Framework.