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Planning for large-scale restoration efforts in West Africa

Technical Great Green Wall Workshop on restoration held in Nigeria


Abuja – During a workshop organized by FAO and the National Agency of the Great Green Wall of Nigeria from 19 to 21 January detailed plans were drawn for large-scale restoration efforts in West Africa.

The workshop, opened by the State Minister of Environment of Nigeria, gathered 30 restoration experts from 7 countries - Burkina Faso, Chad, Gambia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria and Senegal – as well as the CILSS-Agrhymet regional center. 

Together they drew detailed plans for large-scale restoration actions in each of the countries, using plant-base solutions to increase land productivity, food security, to support income generation for communities and importantly to help mitigate and adapt to future environmental shocks and climate change. 

Central to these plans is the restoration approach, which puts communities at the heart of restoration efforts and starts with consulting the communities in order to identify their needs for useful plant species and preferences for restoration in support of their livelihoods. Other key elements of the approach include planting the right species in the right place, collecting quality native forest and fodder seeds for restoration and updating the GGW species database for gene pool traceability, reporting and for future uses of data and information. 

Experts also updated each other on progress made in restoration activities in the West Africa region and discussed methods and practices to restore degraded lands. At the same time, possible cooperation was discussed with the regional organization ECOWAS in the framework of the Forest Convergence plan, as well as with the Network for Gum Arabic and Resins in Africa (NGARA).

Workshop material:

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