Agricultural Integrated Survey Programme - AGRISurvey

The scarcity of high-quality and timely agricultural data is a key constraint for Cambodia to effectively plan, finance, and implement agricultural development strategies.

With the goal of closing the data gap, Cambodia is the first country in the region to implement the AGRISurvey programme, starting with the Cambodia Inter-Censal Agriculture Survey (CIAS) in 2019 and continuing on an annual basis thereafter as an Annual Survey of Agriculture.

The implementation of AGRISurvey will allow the country to produce a regular flow of agricultural statistics as a strong basis for improving policy and decision making in the sector. The programme will contribute to strengthen national capacity, ownership and autonomy of the national agricultural statistical system and to create an efficient data collection system.

The information collected will contribute to the planning process for the Agricultural Sector Strategic Development Plan, the Agriculture Sector Master Plan and to monitoring of progress towards the achievement of the Cambodia SDGs.

CIAS 2019, will be the first data collection exercise in the context of the AGRISurvey programme. A fisheries component, to collect more detailed information on all fisheries activities, will be included in the next data collection operation.