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Members of the Criminal Band Mara Salvatrucha

Latin America: The deadly cost of putting food on your table

Research shows that agribusiness — including coffee, palm oil and banana plantations — is the industry most associated with land and environmental [...]
Bahuaja Sonene National Park

Peru park’s biodiversity at risk from illegal mining, drug production

Illegal logging and cocaine production and trafficking have for years blighted Bahuaja-Sonene National Park in the Peruvian Amazon.
Fall Armyworm

Nuru becomes African farmers’ newest ally against Fall Armyworm

FAO and Pennsylvania State University launch innovative app to fight fast-spreading pest
Storm over the ocean

Dominican Republic hit by an 'easterly wave'

Africa builds them. The Atlantic winds them up. Some of them become hurricanes.
Super-Typhoon Haiyan, 2013

Aletta becomes first hurricane of eastern Pacific season

 The storm is off the coast of Mexico, and not expected to a threat to land.
Citizens of Nicaragua line up outside a local clinic

Getting agricultural supplies on time, the great challenge of the Nicaraguan crisis

Agricultural distributors are wondering how to get their products to farmers if there continue to be tanks and citizen protests in the [...]
hand against the glass

Conflicts in agriculture have resulted in 71 deaths in 2017 in Brazil

An organization that fights for farmers' rights reports an increase in violence in recent months.
Women loading timber in the Peruvian Amazon

Peru is committed to restoring 3.2 million hectares of degraded forest land

According to the Minister of Agriculture, Peru has 73 million hectares of forests, which accounts for more than 56% of the national [...]
Forest Tent Caterpillars

Global Convention adopts new measures to stop the spread of plant pests

The International Plant Protection Convention approves standards on fruit flies, heat and chemical treatments, surveillance, wood packaging
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