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Fisherman in kerala, India

Climate change poised to transform marine and freshwater ecosystems

The livelihoods of millions of fishery-dependent people at risk - FAO Director-General urges governments to resolve adaptation funding disputes
Child in Malaysia

Pollutants from agriculture a serious threat to world's water

New report paints a worrying picture, provides recommendations on what can be done
Santiago de Chile

Chile creates an Office for Sustainable Project Management

The Government intends to streamline the Environmental Assessment Service (SEA) and reduce all obstacles and excessive bureaucracy involved in promoting investments.
Worker at wastewater treatment facility

Ibero-American Alliance for effective water management

The 2nd "Forum of the Future in Spanish in Murcia," Spain, addresses future challenges in the water sector in Spain and the [...]
Cleaning the riverbanks of the Ozama and Isabela Rivers

A comprehensive water management project to be approved in the Dominican Republic

An ambitious project that joins the forces of the World Bank, FAO, and the country's government aim to improve the associated [...]
Fisherman with a wave detector

Healthy seas: Argentina's experience in protecting the Franciscana dolphin

Bycatch of the Franciscana dolphin, Pontoporia blainvillei, from using gillnets in artisanal fishing has become the main threat to the conservation of this species [...]
Mexico City

Efforts to reduce air and climate pollutants in Latin America could reap immediate health benefits

Poor air quality and climate change are already impacting vulnerable populations and ecosystems in the Latin American and Caribbean region, resulting in [...]
Horse in Paraguay

Planting trees for the future, new Green Climate Fund project in Paraguay

Through PROEZA, the Government of Paraguay will offer incentives to medium-sized land owners to adopt certified new generation forest plantations for bioenergy, [...]
Amazon river village sunset at Puerto Nariño, near Leticia, Colombia

Colombia will limit agriculture in the Amazon to combat deforestation

The president announced that an agricultural border will be marked to limit how far land can be cultivated in order to protect [...]
Young boy takes a drink of homemade cocoa in Brazil

Chocolate forests: Can cocoa help save the Amazon?

These crops could help mitigate the effects of clear-cutting that has ripped some 430,000 square kilometers from the Amazon rain forest since [...]
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