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Photo 1: Dennis Edwin Escudero, Photo 2: Peruvian mashua

"Without innovation, there is no expansion of the potential for growth"

We spoke to Dennis Edwin Escudero, Consultant–Economist from the FAO Investment Centre, about his experience working on innovation projects, primarily financed by the [...]
A young man and his llama in Colca Peru.

Forestry, agro-industry and organic agriculture sectors have the potential for growth in Peru

Economist Augusto Cáceres highlights the potential of these sectors for the country's future development.
Peruvian region of Piura.

Investment of 850 million soles to rebuild Peruvian agriculture

The devastating impact of El Niño along the country's coastline has necessitated a major investment to alleviate the damages. 

Andean tourism hotspot faces water challenge

Simultaneously with decreasing water supplies, the region is also experiencing a tourism boom, which is leading to increasing water demands.

Rural schools in Peru to promote coffee crops

Farmers will also learn how to commercialize their products through Agro Rural.

Countries in the Pacific Alliance exchange information about scientific marine research

The goal is to lay the foundations for the implementation of an information exchange network to reinforce and promote research in this [...]

An effective initiative for development in the rural highlands of Peru

The ALIADOS Project supports rural Peruvian communities in remote areas of the Andes, revitalizing businesses, facilitating market access, and supporting rural development. [...]

Opening the door to innovation in the Peruvian fishing sector

This project is intended to strengthen the national innovation system for Peru’s aquaculture and fishing sector. Through close collaboration between FAO, the [...]

Peruvian fisheries sector policies seek to maximize innovation

Innovation is a key element in Peru's fisheries and aquaculture policies. For this reason, a comparative report on promotion policies and strategies [...]
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