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Supermarket cart

G20 agriculture ministers meet in Buenos Aires to address food and farming challenges

With the goal of sustainably meeting the growing demand for food, participants will seek a common path to boost the impact of [...]
Soy beans

Argentina imposes two day embargo on soy meal, soy oil exports

The suspension will be in place until 16 August, the ministry said.
Photo of the leaders of the Mercosur in July of 2017

Agreement on EU/Mercosur trade deal ‘edges closer’

"There is a 50% chance that EU commission will have an agreement on Mercosur by July".
Woman in Cuba

Argentina and Cuba anticipate an increase in trade

Marcos Peña, Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers of Argentina, traveled to Cuba accompanied by the Coordinator of Strategic Affairs of the [...]
Irrigation system

A national plan is launched to triple the total irrigated area in Argentina

The country's irrigated area is currently around two million hectares; the goal is to reach six million by the year 2030.
Harvest in La Pampa, Argentina

Return of rains and better prices would lead to a record wheat harvest in Argentina

Planting wheat could increase by 9%, bringing production to 20 million tons, according to USDA technicians.
Pineapple plant

Starting today, Colombian farmers can export pineapple to Argentina

After four years of efforts to increase exports of fresh Colombian fruits to the Argentine market, an agreement has been signed.
Fisherman with a wave detector

Healthy seas: Argentina's experience in protecting the Franciscana dolphin

Bycatch of the Franciscana dolphin, Pontoporia blainvillei, from using gillnets in artisanal fishing has become the main threat to the conservation of this species [...]
Soy crops

Argentina cuts soybean crop forecast due to drought

Argentina’s rural entity Sociedad Rural (SRA) has urged the national government to accelerate the reduction in duties on soybean exports to help [...]
Quinoa field in Jujuy, Argentina

The Province of Jujuy, Argentina, seeks for added value in the cultivation of quinoa

The Added Value Pilot Plant for Quinoa and Andean Crops was recently inaugurated.
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