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Photo of the leaders of the Mercosur in July of 2017

Agreement on EU/Mercosur trade deal ‘edges closer’

"There is a 50% chance that EU commission will have an agreement on Mercosur by July".
Food labels in Chile

"Food labels have influenced the purchase decisions of 92% of Chileans"

This figure was stated by Eve Crowley, representative of FAO in Chile.
Fishboat at sunset

80% of the boats that fish on the Chilean maritime border are Chinese

In total, approximately 200 boats flying the Chinese flag operate on the border of the Exclusive Economic Zone.
Santiago de Chile

Chile creates an Office for Sustainable Project Management

The Government intends to streamline the Environmental Assessment Service (SEA) and reduce all obstacles and excessive bureaucracy involved in promoting investments.
Abalone in Puerto Montt, Chile

Chile seized more than 141 tons of illegal fish during Holy Week

Over two thousand controls were carried out, half of which were conducted in conjunction with the Coast Guard, the Maritime and Health [...]
Beached whale

Chile: over three thousand cetaceans stranded in the last five years

The causes include cycles famine, human intervention and red tides.

Chilean blueberry rocks the international markets

The United States market - the most important for this national fruit - has responded positively.
Man sitting on a bench

FAO asks Chile to share healthy food public policies

Obesity in this country has experienced explosive growth over the past few decades, becoming a serious public health problem.
Organic apple grown in Chile

Chile: The organic sector is strategic for exports

In Latin America, the export market continues to be the main destination for organic production.
Alga Macrocystis pyrifera

Bioremediation: an alternative for recovering polluted bays

A project focused on algal bioremediation in Valparaíso, Chile, has been successful.
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