Agronoticias: Agriculture News from Latin America and the Caribbean


The heads of agriculture in the participating countries

Central American Ministers of Agriculture meet in the Dominican Republic

The II Inter-Sectoral Meeting of the Central American Agricultural Council (CAC) is being held in the Caribbean country.
A plant affected by coffee rust

The advance of coffee rust puts Costa Rica's coffee-producing regions at risk

The recurrence of fungus threatens 14,500 coffee producers. The Ministry is considering declaring a phytosanitary emergency in the affected areas.
Fire ablaze

Central America ready to fight fires

Honduras leads the training of the Mesoamerican region for environmental protection.
Coffee drying up in a patio, Honduras

Latin America's premium coffee growers branch out to cheaper beans

Coffee producers from Colombia to Guatemala are shifting from arabica to robusta.
A girl protects herself from the strong heat

Central America Weakens Forest Shield Against Future Droughts

“We work together with farmers because we want them to adapt to climate change, establish improved pastures, and change their mentality"
Fishermen in Costa Rica

Fishermen in Costa Rica strengthen their knowledge in sustainable fishing practices

Workshops and talks help fishing sector professionals in Punta Arenas, Costa Rica, learn about engaging in more environmentally-conscious, sustainable use of fishing [...]
Image of Easter Island, Chile

The Pacific Islands, an inspiring example of conservation and sustainability

Many Pacific Island nations run along the coast of the North and South American continents.
Bottled apple sauce

Costa Rica: training artisan female farmers to diversify production

The objective of this training is for women to achieve better results with their products, diversifying their offering.
Support for resilience work in the Dry Corridor in Chiquimula, Guatemala

Boost to climate-smart agriculture in Central America and the Caribbean

The Central American Agricultural Council (CAC) has announced a plan in Central America and the Dominican Republic to support a climate focus in agriculture.  [...]
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