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A Muong ethnic woman farmer in Viet Nam.

Information and communications technologies are essential to the empowerment and success of poor rural women

The role of information communications technologies in supporting rural women's economic empowerment, voice and status, were the focus of discussions at the [...]
Orange trees

Scientists from Brazil and the US discover molecule that has destroyed millions of citrus groves

Scientists hope to reduce the spread of a disease that resulted, since 2005, in the destruction of almost half of Brazil's current [...]
Rural women in Bolivia

Empowering rural women, ensuring food security and ending poverty

Although women and girls in remote villages are very rarely in the spotlight, on October 15th, UN Women commemorates women’s role in [...]
Fruit and vegetables

Food assistance remains a critical safety net for the poor and vulnerable

Food is a pressing daily concern for people at the bottom of the income ladder; effective food-based social assistance programs can make [...]
NASA satellite image of Hurricane Irma.

Hurricane Irma pummels Caribbean and churns towards Florida

The Atlantic’s strongest storm has left destruction across the Caribbean. Witnesses warn others to brace themselves as Irma moves toward Florida.
Path of the storm as of September 7th.

Hurricane Irma levels Barbuda and reaches Puerto Rico

One of the strongest Atlantic storms ever recorded has already caused damage on several islands.

FAO backs a landmark treaty to put an end to illegal fishing

"Beginning of end for rogue fishing," says UN agency as more States back landmark treaty.