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UN Women: unemployment is 50% higher among women than among men in Latin America and the Caribbean

The report, compiled by the regional office of UN Women in Latin America and the Caribbean, was presented in Santo Domingo this month and highlights the persistent gender inequalities in the region.

Portrait of a pensive woman

The UN Women report “The Progress of Women in Latin America and the Caribbean 2017: Transforming economies to enforce rights,” shows that women are still encountering obstacles when trying to enter the work force and called for the protection of advances achieved in the area of gender issues and to continue making progress in respecting the rights of women in the region. 

The report claims that the norms of social discrimination and gender biases in macroeconomic, fiscal, commercial, and employment policies limit the possibilities of inclusion for women. Furthermore, they generate a differentiated form of inclusion with lower salaries for the same jobs, concentrating them in the informal economy, overloading them with domestic chores and childcare, and depriving them of access to social security systems.

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Photo Credit: Mara Daruich/ Municipalidad de Santiago (CC BY-NC 2.0)

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