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Fishing rights only represent 27% of fishing contributions to Peru

The president of the National Fisheries Society (SNP according to its acronym in Spanish), takes an interest in technical reviewing of payments for the use of natural resources in Peru.

Fishing in Peru

The National Fisheries Society (SNP) specified that fishing rights for anchovy extraction only represents 27% of the contributions made by the marine ingredients industry (fishmeal and fish oil) to Peru. 

Elena Conterno, President of SNP, indicated that in addition to fishing rights, extraordinary contributions to the retirement fund (due to the bankruptcy of the Fisherman's Fund), to the Compensation Fund for Fisheries Management, and anything related to fisheries control, must be paid mandatorily.

“If fishing rights are considered to be the only payment, it may seem that the payment is rather small, but the truth is that there are several other concepts considered to be included in fishing rights in other countries, while they are considered to be additional charges in Peru,” she explained.

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