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The first treatment center for commercial agricultural production to be installed in Peru

"All the food that leaves Junín will arrive safely throughout the entire country, we will eliminate the likelihood of it carrying harmful microorganisms."

Fruit fly

Peru's Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, or Minagri, announced the opening of the country's Treatment Center for Agricultural Products. Besides helping to protect the national phytosanitary status, the center is intended to boost the production and exportation of fruits and vegetables. This will be the cornerstone of the consolidation and maintenance of the fruit fly eradication process, in addition to preventing the infestation of areas free of the fruit fly.

"This treatment center will have an important impact on Junín and also Peru, as the whole country will be able to enjoy healthy fruit," said Jorge Barrenechea Cabrera, on behalf of Minagri.

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Photo Credit: Jack Dykinga, U.S. Department of Agriculture, CC0

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