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"Food labels have influenced the purchase decisions of 92% of Chileans"

This figure was stated by Eve Crowley, representative of FAO in Chile.

Food labels in Chile

The approval of the use of octagon-shaped labels for processed foods in Peru opened the debate regarding its viability. Organizations such as the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the Medical College of Peru and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), expressed their support for this measure.

For Eve Crowley, FAO representative in Chile, this is the beginning of a period that can lead to important changes, as has occurred in that country. "Chile has a regulation including labeling as one of the four measures to reduce obesity and the overweight population. Foods with these labels in Chile are prohibited from being sold in schools and to a certain extent. Advertising that would attract children to the products associated with these labels is also prohibited," Rowley commented to the newspaper El Comercio. "92% of the population was in favor of the idea of labeling to assist them in their decision-making," the analyst said, adding that "octagons are easier to interpret. The consumer has the right to know what they are consuming."


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