Analysis and Mapping of Impacts under Climate Change for Adaptation and Food Security (AMICAF)

The “Analysis and Mapping of Impacts under Climate Change for Adaptation and Food Security (AMICAF)” project is being implemented by FAO to fill the information gap between academic climate change impact assessments and stakeholder decision making processes.

Multi-disciplinary assessment for Policy Planning
AMICAF employs a multi-disciplinary assessment approach to address climate change impacts and adaptation planning to improve food security. The approach ensures that there is an evidence base for decision making and policy planning processes. This project supports strategic planning, investments and decisions by national policy makers.

1st phase (2012-2015)

Recipient countries in the first phase were the Philippines and Peru.

2nd phase (2015-2018)

FAO is carrying out the South-South Cooperation approach in two new recipient countries.





Latest news

Final workshop in Paraguay 30 Jan 2018

At AMICAF Paraguay’s midterm workshop Marcos Medina, Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Ms. Yoshie Nakatani, from the Japanese Embassy in Paraguay, and the FAO Representative in Paraguay delivered opening remarks...

Final workshop in Indonesia 18 January 2018

AMICAF Indonesia’s final workshop was held on 18 January 2018, in Bogor, Indonesia. Those attending the workshop included policy makers from the Ministry of Agriculture, experts from national research institutes...

Report from Peru (Spanish)

Recomendaciones de política pública para enfrentar el cambio climático y la vulnerabilidad de la seguridad alimentaria

In this report the AMICAF Project evaluates the impact of climate change in 16 valleys and on 16 types of crop in Peru and analyzes the food security of rural households now and in the near future.