Boosting transparency of forest data


This course intends to establish a clear path towards a more efficient and effective use of forest data, underscoring the crucial significance of institutionalizing a robust national forest monitoring system (NFMS) within countries. Additionally, it emphasizes transparency, sustainability, and data-sharing as critical pillars for the successful implementation of an NFM...
The national forest inventory (NFI) e-learning series consisting of eight courses provides an overview of the key phases of an NFI, from planning to implementation, and from data gathering to reporting.  
The 'Forest monitoring for climate action' curriculum aims to strengthen institutional and technical capacities, to meet the measurement, reporting and verification requirements, as well as the enhanced transparency framework requisites. It consists of a series of e-learning courses.
As countries work to meet their national commitments to restoring degraded landscapes, it is important that all FLR interventions have manageable monitoring systems in place, to assess progress towards specific goals, support adaptive management and ensure transparency. This course has been developed to equip practitioners with the capacity to design,...
The objective of this course is to learn about the Enhanced Transparency Framework (EFT) under the Paris Agreement. It will be useful to those wishing to understand the importance of forest-related data collection, analysis and dissemination in meeting the Enhanced Transparency Framework requirements.
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