Mrs Navarro, CCLME’s new Thematic Component Leader for Marine Living Resources


Mrs. Celine Navarro assumed her duties as CCLME’s new Thematic Component Leader for Marine Living Resources on 23 March 2015 in the offices of the project in Dakar. She comes after Mr. Aboubacar Sidibe who left the project in July 2014.

Mrs. Navarro previously worked within the Natural Reserve of the Straits of Bonifacio where she participated in the monitoring of artisanal fisheries and conducted a study on the state of conservation of the Brown meagre. She also worked in the Azores, in the Oceanography and Fisheries department of the University of the Azores. She studied there larvae and juveniles of the Blackspot seabream. Mrs. Navarro worked for two years in Guinea Bissau in CIPA (Fisheries Research Center) where she was sent by the Sub Regional Fisheries Commission (SFRC) in the framework of a mission of International Volunteering Solidarity.

Her mission was part of the project “Supporting the SRFC to develop co-management initiatives and include Marine Protected Areas in the fisheries management in West Africa” and consisted primarily of assisting the CIPA in the coordination of research activities, preparation and realization of scientific surveys, the management of databases or the drafting of reports or communications. This mission was an opportunity to initiate a process of harmonization of protocols and methodologies across the organization including the preparation of a methodology for the realization of scientific fisheries in CIPA from the protocol to writing the scientific report.