Sustainable management of the Canary Current Large Marine Ecosystem (CCLME)

Starting national consultation processes on the CCLME countries

Senegal national consultation meeting



Among the first activities to be carried out in this transitional phase of the CCLME project is the organisation of the first national consultations on the proposed multi-sector consortium and partnership agreement in each country covered by the project at the project launch of the current project phase in November 2021. These consultative meetings will serve to review the governance framework for the proposed cross-sectoral collaboration in the SAP.

Indeed, at the launch workshop, countries and partners presented the activities to be implemented in synergy in the framework of the creation of a multisectoral consortium. These national meetings will allow for further reflection on the partnership model by clarifying intentions and responsibilities, exploring alternatives, and identifying potential consortium members at national and regional level who could commit to specific activities. The results of the national consultations will thus serve as the basis for the consortium model and partnership agreement for the implementation of the CCLME SAP.
Thus, since the beginning of 2022, the Regional Coordination Unit has been supporting the organisation and technical facilitation of these meetings in the different countries concerned.